quality inspection

Position: quality inspection
Location: China
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the supervision of the quality of the suppliers' commodities and the inspection of the suppliers.
2. Responsible for making original records of quality inspection, filling in all kinds of original quality certificates, and sorting, transferring and archiving them on time to ensure the timeliness, accuracy and effectiveness of the original records.
3. Responsible for the labeling of unqualified products, timely taking isolation measures, timely analyzing the causes of unqualified products, and specifying prepayment measures.
4. Be able to use all kinds of measuring equipment to test products, such as caliper, height gauge, etc., can use office software to collect and organize data skillfully.
5. Familiar with the process of inspection, final inspection, incoming inspection and outgoing inspection.
6. Have high team cooperation ability, communication and coordination ability between departments, deal with and solve problems.
7. Complete the related work assigned by the department.

Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, at least 1 year related working experience;
2. Experience in quality inspection in mechanical manufacturing industry, knowledge of quality management methods and techniques;
3. Good coordination and communication skills, initiative and strong sense of responsibility;
4. Strong ability to observe, analyzes, judge and solves problems;