Pricing Manager

Job Position:Pricing Manager
Job Location:China
Pricing Manager Duties and Responsibilities:
Pricing Managers complete several tasks to come up with effective pricing strategies and market evaluations the following are among the core duties and responsibilities of a Pricing Manager.
Develop Pricing Strategies
Pricing Managers help companies determine what to charge for their products or services by considering production and other costs to determine the price point to make a profit. They set base prices and develop discount programs, assist in creating promotional campaigns, compare prices set by competitors and measure customer satisfaction based on the cost of a company’s product or service.
Identify Target Markets
In this capacity, Pricing Managers evaluate trends to determine what consumers would buy a certain product or utilize a specific service. They would assist public relations and sales departments in targeting these consumers to generate revenue for the company.
Track Market Trends
Pricing Managers help companies complete market research for new product or service ideas. They might conduct surveys, evaluate consumer trends and visit stores, trade shows and other venues to establish what rival companies are offering in order to establish the need for a specific product or service.
Pricing Manager Skills:
Evaluating production costs to develop pricing strategies
Understanding the impact of pricing on profit margins
Developing and defining pricing structures
Coordinating sales, public relations, advertising and marketing personnel to build pricing models
Understanding contract negotiations and bids as well as proposal development especially for bulk supply or annual “draw down” order volumes from suppliers
Developing and defining pricing structures
Advanced skills:
Highly organized
Database management
Strong presentation skills