Spare Parts of MAN B&W Two-stroke Diesel Engine

Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter HHM) is the earliest manufacturing enterprise of introducing the patented technology of B&W low-speed diesel engine in China. From the year of 1980, HHM has already completed the delivery of more than two thousand MAN B&W two-stroke low-speed diesel engine. In 2005, HHM invested and holds the joint venture of CSSC-MES Diesel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter CMD) in Lingang of Shanghai with Japan MES Diesel Co., Ltd. So far, HHM and CMD have already delivered almost three thousand two-stroke low-speed sets of diesel engines.

Aiming at providing higher quality and more efficient service to customers, CSSC engaged in the business adjustment of the whole group and improving the capacity of professional global service. CSSC Marine Service Co., Ltd. (CMS) was registered in January 2017 and shouldered the mission of providing life-time service with versatile solutions about civilian vessels manufactured by HHM and CMD based on production supply chain of HHM and CMD.