Spare parts of WinGD/Wartsila/Sulzer Two-stroke Low-speed Diesel Engine

HHM has introduced the technology of Sulzer low-speed diesel engine for manufacture since 1978. It holds rich experience of manufacture and developed spare supply system. Besides, it is engaging in the ongoing R&D about the localization of parts manufacture and improvement with the patent company. It will contribute to the decrease of cost of new engine greatly and the development of supporting industrial chain about Chinese diesel engines.

The shareholder of Winterthur Gas & Diesel Co,. Ltd. has changed from Sulzer, to Wartsila and finally to CSSC WinGD. We promise that our company will keep providing life-time service with versatile solutions to the diesel engines delivered by HHM and CMD. Our company has the strengths of sufficient spare parts supplement and long-term stable relationship with manufacture divisions of HHM and CMD so that we can meet conventional and urgent requirements during the operation of vessels.

CMS will shoulder the mission of spare parts supplement for diesel engines manufactured by applying the patent of WinGD following the acquisition of WinGD.

We will provide the supplement of two-stroke low-speed diesel engine spare parts in the models listed as below: